Stilum teams up with Risa bags

I always believe that technology is uniquely related to fashion! Scrolling down my Whatsapp chat yesterday made me realise another such unique preposition!
We all have various whatsapp groups on our smart phones. Groups not just for the purpose of sharing lame forward messages but essentially to seamlessly plan how and when to meet our girl friends for luncheon or a night out! One group with school friends another one with college friends, office friends or even a wife’s/gf’s club. Hence more number of groups increases the need for more number of outfits. So you see after Facebook, another tech app- ‘Whatsapp’ has certainly boomed the fashion industry. Made sense ? { Dont worry, I am not endorsing Whatsapp in any way;

But I am sure you wont disagree with me that more number of outfits necessarily means more accessories! And a major part of accessorising lies in carrying a bag that mess-less-ly takes care of all our belongings! Bags are an important part of our whole look. But its been a while that ladies just cant stop hovering over browns and blacks of LV, Gucci or Kors! One has forgotten the charm of colour coordinating/contrasting a bag with the clothes. So today I introduce you to a recently launched bags brand that will bring back all the colour in your outfit and life !! Say hello to RISA Bags!

Delhi-based sisters “ Riddhima Sayal and Saloni Sayal started their bag label RISA with a motive to present leather as art! Derived from the first syllables of their names, RISA’s USP lies in colourful colour palette and experimentation with different bag shapes and sizes. Because of which their collection has something for everyone and every occasion. From a collage girl to a bride to be, everyone will find something in their pretty store located in Meherchand Market.

Sometimes I call my big bags a black hole! Once something goes in, it takes its own sweet time to be found again! Risa bags are extremely practical this way. Understanding the need of the hour they have special bag compartments for essential items like car keys, mobile, make up, to keep the bag mess free and easy to find

I personally love their Blue Studded Suede Tote. Its vibrant in colour and the studs add the perfect edge. Part of Risa’s ‘Air Collection’, this bag is extremely light weight and crisp {another practical feature}. This bag makes it for a perfect weekend outing or a luncheon with gf’s, carrying all your essentials. Hence I teamed this deep blue colour Risa bag with my basic ikat print shift dress. The outfit looks vibrant and eye catchy as the bag adds the perfect dash of colour to complete this look.

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